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El Instituto de Investigaciones Agroambientales y de Economia del Agua (INAGEA) ya dispone del proyecto estratégico y del reglamento interno que establecen las líneas maestras que han de guiar la actuación de este nuevo Instituto de Investigación.


Agreement  Signatures

Sostenibilitat de l'oliverar cultivat en superintensiu: necessitats hídriques i d'abonament en les varietats Koroneki, Arbosana, Sikitita i Arbequina. Corporació Roselló Castell.

Projecte pilot per a l'estudi de l'adaptació de les noves varietats d'ametller a les condicions agro-climàtiques de l'illa de Mallorca en diferents condicions de reg. Camp Mallorquí.

-Acord entre la UIB i la Corporación Rosselló-Castell per col.laborar en formació i investigació. Febrer 2015

Recently defensed Doctoral Thesis

'Coexistencia entre maiz transgénico y convencional: Análisis integral y propuesta de criterios técnicos para las Illes Balears'
Juan Antonio Vives Vallés, march 201

"Ecophysiological effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal inoculation on Arundo donax under mediterranean conditions"
Antònia Romero Munar, sept 2017

"Evaluation of native Mediteranean plant species for extensive vegetated roofs and environmental performance"
Veriozka Andrea Azeñas Mallea. sept 2017

"Respiratory processes and carbon balance in
grapevines: Environmental and genotype effects"
Esther Hernández Montes. sept 2017

New Publications

Nursery preconditioning of Arundo donax L. plantlets determines biomass harvest in the first two years. Romero-Munar, A; Tauler, M; Gulías, J; Baraza, E. Industrial Crops & Products. 119, pp 33-40
Leaf plasticity and stomatal regulation determines the ability of Arundo donax plantlets to cope with water stress. Romero, A; Baraza, E; Cifre, J; Achir, C; Gulias, J. Photosynthetica, 56. pp 698
Invited Lectures

 Searching for the perfect mesophyll: a trade-off between productivity and stress resistance?
Functional Ecology Conference. France
28-31 march 2017

2017 Highly Cited Researchers.

Dr. Hipólito Medrano and Dr. Jaume Flexas


The biology of plants is largely determined by the environment and thus the natural vegetation as well as the crop plants of the Mediterranean are of particular interest with regard to their adaptation mechanisms/strategies.

Our research group focuses mainly on plant responses to water stress, and associated stresses as, high light , temperature, etc., in order to unravel the underlying mechanisms of the fascinating plasticity in planta and the potential for biotechnology and agronomy applications.

The group was officially formed in 2002, as a result of a call for tenders of our university, but its roots had been well established beforehand by professors and  PhD students and their enthusiasm and will for improvements of knowledge in physiology, biotechnology and agronomy. Hence, our aim is to contribute to a more profound knowledge in this research field with the maximum competitiveness and scientific excellence, and to patent applications for sustained agriculture in the Mediterranean region.

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 Director:  hipolito.medrano@uib.es
Secretary: belen.escutia@uib.es